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bluepoint antwerp

initiative by B-hive & FDMagazine

The Belgian fintech sector gotten off to a start at breakneck speed under the impetus of B-Hive. Many start-ups are now currently active within the community and it is high time that they are introduced to the heads of finance within Flemish companies.

They can certainly benefit from the new technologies that are making the daily processes, like accounting and reporting, more efficient and automating these where possible. On 26 September, six start-ups will present their product during a short pitch with a related case story. 


Jurgen Ingels

Jurgen Ingels, serial entrepreneur in the financial technology sector and founder of B-Hive, shares his vision of the developments in fintech and looks forward to what is still in the pipelines. 

Jurgen Ingels is:

Founder Clear2Pay
Co-founder NG Data
Managing partner at Smartfin Capital
Founder The Glue
Founder eggsplore/B-hive

customer cases



Customer case of Unified Post.

Nico ten Wolde - CEO at Facturis Group

The basic proposition of Facturis (spin-off Rabobank) allows companies to outsource the process of handling paper and digital invoicing in combination with Payment Services. The companies remain in charge of the process, but operational activities are fully supported by Facturis and integrate with other relevant processes (e.g. accounting).

The Facturis platform provides real time analysis of information streams and access for our clients through portals and intelligent dashboards.





Customer case of Finsight Solutions.

Paul Ryckaert - CEO at Xenics

Xenics is a developer, manufacturer and seller of infrared cameras, cores and detectors to various market segments on a worldwide basis. Our focus is to offer innovative, market-oriented solutions to our customers.






Customer case of BrightAnalytics.

Michel Lootens - FInance manager at Vivaldis

Vivaldis Interim is active in general blue- and white-collar temporary staffing
Vivaldis Construct is active in the construction industry
The main focus is on technical blue-collar temps with customers across multiple industries
Customers are all SMEs with whom Vivaldis is able to create strong local relationships

Vivaldis operates out of 64 branches in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia, with plans to open even more in 2017. Branches are grouped into self-organising clusters, encouraging entrepreneurship and giving branches a large degree of autonomy
Vivaldis prides itself on its family culture, its no-nonsense approach, and its customer proximity


Optima Networks

Customer case of iBanfirst.

Erik Couwels - CEO Optima Networks

Optima Networks was founded by Benoit Bergers in 1999 as a distributor of network equipment and cameras. Over the past 18 years, its portfolio has grown to be more diverse. Optima Networks selects each of its brands based on quality, allowing its resellers to confidently sell and install the equipment with a high variety of end customers throughout the Benelux region.

Currently, three large pillars can be found within Optima Networks portfolio: networking equipment (including optical transport, firewalls, switches, …), IP surveillance equipment (including cameras, recording and video management systems, infrared lights for night visibility, …) and wireless transmission systems (wifi systems for small and large businesses, high-density wifi equipment and point-to-point transmission systems).



NHV Group

Customer case of Cashforce.

Klaus De Pillecyn -  financial analyst ad interim NHV

NHV Group: the European based, glocal* helicopter operator of choice (*global & local)

NHV Group is specialized in business-to-business helicopter services, both offshore & onshore. Today, NHV Group is the only helicopter service provider with presence in all Oil and Gas producing countries in the North Sea region. Furthermore, the company has a very strong presence in West Africa.

In 2014, NHV Group was the global launching customer of Airbus Helicopters’ H 175. The first two H 175s were operational by the end of December 2014 for Oil and Gas missions in Den Helder, The Netherlands. 



Customer Case of Silverfin.

Joris Van der Gucht - co-founder, co-CEO Silverfin

Deloitte Belgium CVBA is the Belgian affiliate of Deloitte NWE LLP, a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. We offer value added services in audit, accounting, tax & legal, consulting and financial advisory services. Deloitte Belgium has more than 3,500 employees in 11 locations.

More information?




Joris Van der Gucht - co-founder, co-CEO Silverfin

Silverfin is a young company initially targeting the financial service provider sector, such as accountants and tax agents. The information from various systems is always available thanks to a workflow and centralised file. Silverfin’s tech allows you to make reports in various formats for different types of users in the companies.


Unified Post

Filip Tack - VP Corporate Development at UnifiedPost, CEO at Nomadesk, Chairman at Unifly

UnifiedPost - UP - is a European “Tech4fin” company. We are a BPaaS enabler for community transaction hubs. We have accumulated a complete technology portfolio that covers document processing, identity, payments and community app stores.

UP helps corporates and “communities” that run suboptimal, paper-prone, multi-stakeholder processes. We step in with solutions that range from the “mundane”, such as e-invoicing, to clever “FinTech” facilitating dynamic discounting or factoring services.


Finsight Solutions

Sébastien Thiel - Managing Partner Finsight Solutions
Stefan Van den Bussche - Managing Partner Finsight Solutions

Finsight Solutions is a young company that is entirely focused on transforming financial data into understandable reports. Their prime tool is capable of converting the annual accounts and balance sheets submitted to the National Bank of Belgium into easy-to-read reports in Excel. This allows the software to carry out essential tasks for the CFO in the financial department. So it’s no surprise that the company’s motto is ‘CFO as service’. 



Olivier Seynhaeve - Co-Founder at BrightAnalytics

BrightAnalytics is a management reporting platform that enables customers to centralize and visualize financial data and key metrics from multiple data-sources on a single platform.

BrightAnalytics helps companies to improve their reporting process, especially for businesses with multiple legal or analytical entities.

BrightAnalytics allows you to share reports and visuals through one single platform to all stakeholders of the company (management, board, investors, employees)



Nicolas Christiaen - CEO & Co-founder Cashforce

Cashforce is an innovative Cash & Treasury Management System, focused on automation and integration.

As a ‘next-generation’ Cash management solution, Cashforce helps finance/treasury departments save time and money by offering accurate cash flow forecasting, flexible treasury reporting & automation.

Cashforce is unique in its category, because it allows users to drill down to the transaction level details and the system integrates seamlessly with ERP systems & banking systems. In addition, an intelligent simulation engine enables companies to consider multiple cash flow scenarios and measure their impact.

As a result, finance / treasury departments can be turned into business catalysts for cash generation opportunities throughout the company.



Patrick Mollard - COO/CFO iBanfirst

IBanFirst is a platform specialising in multi-currency transactions in Banking-As-A-Service (BaaS) mode, which is developing a package of financial services dedicated to the day-to-day operations of SMEs.

IBanFirst simplifies the lives of entrepreneurs and business owners by enabling them to carry out their daily financial operations in a simple, fast, and cost-effective manner, freeing up their time for pressing operational matters.

BaaS gives back power to the customer, who can choose the precise service they need at a far more competitive rate than the traditional banks. IBanFirst was founded by Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, the founder of Saxo Banque France, a well-known entrepreneur and the leading figure in the French FinTech scene.

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event info

Entry fees

Profile Package Rate
Finance (not commercial) 1 participant € 250,00
Finance (commercial) 1 + 1 (comm + not comm) € 1.000,00


Bluepoint Antwerpen
Filip Williotstraat 9
2600 Berchem

*annulation is not possible, you can only send a collegue or attend another event.


03:00 pm - 04:00 pm: Welcome & coffee

04:00 pm - 05:30 pm: Pitch 3 fintech start-ups + customer case
Silverfin & customer case Deloitte
Cashforce & customer case NHV-Group
Finsight Solutions & customer case Xenics.

05:30 pm - 06:00 pm: BREAK

06:00 pm - 07:30 pm: Pitch 3 fintech start-ups + customer case

Brightanalytics & customer case Vivaldis
Unified Post & customer case Facturis Group
iBanfirst & customer case Optima Networks.

07:30 pm - 08:00 pm: Keynote Jurgen Ingels

08:00 pm - 10:30 pm: Walking dinner


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